Map, Directions & Parking

Map 2019

Defiance County Airport
20399 Airport Road
Defiance, OH 43512



Parking at the airport is on grass fields and parking is at your own risk. If you are uncomfortable parking on the airport grounds you can be dropped off in the turn around off of Airport Rd with the same car admission fee of $10 per car.

Evansport Road Parking:
This is the largest lot. See the map below for a pin point of where you turn on Evansport Rd off of St Rt 15. Once you turn on Evansport Rd, go about a 1/4 mile and you will see parking on the left. You will walk through the airport grounds to the festival about a quarter mile.

Airport Road Parking:
Limited Public Parking
Handicapped parking or if you have difficulty walking.
VIP parking permits

Parking admission fee is $10 per car.

no-animals-except-trained-sign-s-4739 (2)

Furry friends are not allowed on the airport property unless you carry your paperwork with you to show the greeters or law enforcement if asked.


Please be aware that the Clinton Street Bridge is closed in downtown Defiance. Please use the detour signs to navigate around the city to get to the airport.  The link below shows the available detours using either Domersville Road or Baltimore Road.