Seeking Non-Profit Partnerships

We are seeking Defiance County non-profit agency partners that would like to run a fundraiser at the 2016 Defiance County Hot Air Balloon Festival in the form of an attraction, event or activity. We are open to discuss all ideas that would be mutually beneficial to both parties that we are already not doing at the festival.

Some examples include, a volleyball tournament, water balloon event, art activity, raffle, etc. non-profit agency must run the fundraiser with their own volunteers including set-up and tear-down.

1. If you are looking to run an event that would utilize general festival goers, we would ask that you make a donation of 10% of revenue generated from the fundraiser to United Way of Defiance County (UWDC).

2. If you would be running an activity for preregistered participants, we might offer reduced admission for participants OR free admission if you are including this cost in the registration fee and splitting proceeds with UWDC.

We need all fundraising applications on or before July 18th so that the activity can be included in marketing and advertising.

All agencies and organizations running an activity that could have liability concerns must present a certificate of liability insurance for the event and include UWDC, the Airport Authority and County Commissioners as additional insured (this generally costs $25-75 to request from your agency insurance company). See example on the last page of the application.

Here is a list of current fundraising activities at the festival in 2016: 50/50, Eurobungy and Meltdown (rides), Pony rides, Face painting, bottled water sales, touch-a-truck, 5k run/1 mile walk and Yoga. Click here for the current schedule of events. 

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We hope you will join the fun!

Carrie and Savanna