Seeking 2016 sponsors

Seeking sponsors for the 3rd annual Hot Air Balloon Festival


Summer is almost here, and we are thrilled to bring the hot air balloons back to Defiance County at the Defiance County Airport on Saturday, August 6, 2016. Last year, our event attracted over 5,000 people from around the region. Our balloon festival website was visited by over 18,000 people over the year, our Facebook page is followed by 2,100 people, and our total social media reach is even greater. Additional marketing efforts through magazines, newspaper and radio reaches tens of thousands of people.

This event benefits everyone in the Defiance County area, with anticipated increase of visibility and sales for local businesses, as well as creating a venue that will raise money for the Community Engagement Center (CEC).

We are seeking financial support for the 2016 Defiance County Hot Air Balloon Festival. Sponsorships start at $250, and we offer unique events within the festival to get your brand in front of families in our community and region. Sponsorship opportunities are listed here and include the most important details. We can offer additional fun ideas to maximize your investment in this community event. All sponsorships include space for your business to host a booth at the festival. Sponsors of $2,000 and above may host a hospitality tent (company provided) for employees and clients. We need the support of the entire community for this event’s success, with the hopes of keeping the event an annual tradition of special memories and continued growth.

Sponsorships will start at $250. Sponsors will be invited to an exclusive event at the airport Friday, August 5th that includes a catered dinner with the hot air balloon pilots and a private hot air balloon launch.

Friday evening will be a private event for pilots, United Way and Airport board members, and Sponsors who join us at a level of $1,000 and above. It will be a family friendly private event with a private hot air balloon launch (weather permitting), catered dinner, entertainment, snow cones, free tethered hot air balloon rides, caricatures, ect. We are really excited to provide an enhanced way to thank our pilots and top sponsors. We are also going to use this event as a launch to our 2016 community campaign.

We can send a United Way of Defiance County W-9 upon request.

If you have any questions about sponsorships please contact: Savanna Weber | 608 Clinton St. Defiance, Ohio 43512 | 419-782-3510 | Or contact Savanna directly through form below: